Sant’Irene – Natural Arch

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Near Briatico, Sant’Irene reef is considered one of the best dive areas on the Costa degli Dei.  Arco Naturale (The Natural Arch) is an incredibly beautiful dive site that will please and is suitable for divers of all experience levels.  With a maximum depth of 22 metres, the site offers a fantastic contrast of colours from the blue water, white sand, green posidonie and colourful rock formations.  The site boasts a wide variety of marine life characteristic to the area including groupers, chromis, nudibranchs, moray eels, scorpion fish, octopus and much, much more!


Location: Briatico
Distance from diving center: 10 minutes
Type: Sand and rocks
Deep: 21mt
Difficulty: Easy
Seabed: Sandy
Currends: Weaks